What is the BEngTech?

What is the Bachelor of Engineering Technology?

Always wanted to get into Engineering and would like to find out more about the suite of Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) degrees? You’ll develop the necessary skills and knowledge you need to become a talented and successful Engineer.

Choose to major in Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, and gain a qualification in one of the most demanding industries in the world.

Six of the best institutes of technology in New Zealand, along with industry experts, have developed these degrees to best meet the needs and demand of Engineers on both a national and international scale.

The BEngTech is accredited by the Institution of Professional Engineers in New Zealand (IPENZ), and is also internationally recognised, meeting major international standards.

Choose from 3 specialisations:

Civil Engineering

The BEngTech (Civil Engineering) offers people a range of advanced practical skills, specialising in areas such as Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Roading and Transportation Engineering, and Water and Water Waste Engineering. Gain hands-on experience in project management, problem solving and decision making in a technical environment.

Mechanical Engineering

The BEngTech (Mechanical Engineering) offers a range of specialist areas in Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Mechanics of machines and Mechanical Design. Take a hands-on approach designing and making consumer or industrial products, and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to a number of mechanical projects.

Electrical Engineering

The BEngTech (Electrical Engineering) is designed to equip people with the skills and knowledge in areas specialising in Engineering Computing, Power, Electronics, and Telecommunications. Learn to use practical and analytical skills to work on real-world projects, and design and implement electrical and electronics engineering technology whilst working alongside experts in the field.

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